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3 Steps to Trademark Registration


1. Search

We perform a search that reviews other trademark filings, corporate names, common law trademarks, and other uses that could impact your ability to get the trademark.


2. File

We gather information from you for the trademark filing and walk you through the key decisions to be made to increase the likelihood of success.


3. Overcome Obstacles

We help you overcome any obstacles to registration from the Trademark Office or third-parties who oppose your trademark efforts.

We are the trademark section of Burdett Morgan Williamson & Boykin LLP. We have offices in Lubbock (by appointment only) and Amarillo. If you prefer, we will come to your business to meet with you.

Our trademark clients include international businesses, strong regional companies, mom and pop stores, sole proprietorships, and start ups. We represent large and small companies. We represent successful brands you know and love, and enterprising brands you will come to recognize.

We have successfully registered hundreds of trademarks. We have filed 700+ U.S. trademark applications. You won’t find a law firm in West Texas that has registered more trademarks.

We also represent businesses with international trademarks. Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the European Union, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea and Taiwan are the most popular countries for international trademark protection.

pic-01Trademark registration protects the brand you work so hard to build.

In addition to trademark registration, we negotiate and draft trademark license agreements, royalty assignments, and trademark assignments. We negotiate and draft co-existence and concurrent use agreements.


We argue trademark disputes before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). We have successfully represented clients in numerous opposition and cancellation proceedings before the TTAB.

We litigate federal and state trademark cases. We fight for our client’s brands. We defend our clients against trademark infringement lawsuits. A partial list of trademark infringement cases we have handled can be found here.

We handle domain name disputes. We have been involved in multiple domain name arbitrations under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP). A list of these arbitrations can be found here.

Our trademark team has 45 years of experience working together on trademark matters. We are passionate about trademark law!

We strive to be a trusted business advisor. We want to work "with"--and not just "for"--our clients. We promise never to sell you services, including trademark registrations, you don’t need. Selling you unnecessary services doesn't build trust.


Words, symbols, logos, slogans, colors and product designs can serve as trademarks. It is estimated that the average person is exposed to 1,500 trademarks a day. For example, Texas Tech University is a federally registered trademark for, among other things, educational services, clothing and athletic competitions. A solid trademark is a valuable asset; Texas Tech University is a trademark with considerable value.

A trademark identifies the source of a product. Trademarks distinguish one product from another, such as your favorite fast-food hamburger or preferred bath soap. A service mark identifies the source of a service and distinguishes one service from another. As an example, different credit card services have service marks. Trademarks indicate the origin and the quality of a product or service. If a consumer sees your trademark, the consumer should associate the product or service with your business, and believe she is getting a quality product. A trademark is an important marketing tool because it allows you to distinguish your products and services from those of your competitors.

Selecting a trademark is just the first step in securing trademark rights. After selecting it, you should check that another party is not using a similar trademark and that your trademark would not create a likelihood of confusion with an existing mark. A trademark search can help you determine whether the proposed trademark is already protected by someone else. The search may also allow you to assess the risk that a third party might challenge your rights to the trademark.

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Chris Stewart is a partner with the law firm of Burdett Morgan Williamson & Boykin, LLP. with offices in Amarillo and Lubbock (by appointment only). Chris practices trademark law, copyright law, trade secrets law, and computer & internet law. He handles intellectual property litigation and transactions. Chris has handled hundreds of trademark and copyright registrations. Chris was formerly the sole shareholder in the Law Office of Chris Stewart, P.C. His complete BIO can be found by clicking here.

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